Part 1, Land Value Taxation: Politics, Persuasion, and Practicality - A How-To
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Part 1, Land Value Taxation: Politics, Persuasion, and Practicality - A How-To
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Incentive Taxation

Part 1, Land Value Taxation: Politics, Persuasion, and Practicality - A How-To

An Idea Worth Implementing

Ask nearly any economist. Discover what left and right can agree on. It’s the political and economic philosophy that reconciles and validates the needs of both community and the individual.  What do you have?

Land Value Tax

Land Value Tax; also called site value rating, the single tax, economic rent, incentive taxation, the Smart tax, well you get the point.

It’s a Great Idea, Now What?

One of the most important questions that the Center for the Study of Economics – a.k.a. UrbanTools – is always a multi-tiered discussion: What is LVT? How do people get interested in LVT? How is it implemented? What barriers and hurdles face LVT implementation?
The next couple of weeks in the last month 2016, we’re going to approach these questions from different angles and levels of complexity.

This IS a new paradigm

It’s not really possible to stroll in the front door of the City Hall (or the United Nations!) and walk out with deal sealed.  Our leaders and officials that manage our governments are faced with a 24/7 blizzard of difficulties, standard practice, financial crises, and above all inertia.

Video Series

There have been very few attempts to cross the bridge from theory to policy when it comes to land value tax. Although disarmingly non-complex, the discussion has to start from the Year Zero so to speak.  This is what UrbanTools/CSE

This first offering are short four-minute videos shot by our friends at Earthsharing. They asked Joshua Vincent to sit in front of his laptop like a tennis player across the net to answer a few questions about the practicalities of land value taxation, and ancillary issues of politics, tax policy and valuation of property. The first video is at the bottom of this post.

Joshua Vincent
Urbantools at Work

More to Come

There are several more videos to come, and these presentations will become more detail oriented, and also show UrbanTools/CSE in public settings in front of economists, legislators, and other varied outlets. I think we successfully provide an educational service that keeps one awake, and also successfully counter reasonable objections program of land value tax. 

Please sign up on our homepage, and feel free make a comment. Any ideas or suggestions you have to improve public outreach is most welcome. Let us know what you think.

You need Flash Player in order to view this.
Interview: Approaching City Officials About Implementing Land Value Taxation
Joshua Vincent is interviewed by Jacob Shwartz-Lucas about how to approach city officials to implement a Land Value Taxation policy.

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