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Land Value Tax Partner
Applying Henry George's remedy exponentially begins and ends with You.
Thank you for making 2016 a success!

We have met with and are currently building contracts for Implementation with 2 cities in CT.

We continue to work with our jurisdictions in PA and look forward to expansion in new cities/school districts/boroughs.

Your donations provided the following Educational and Outreach events in 2016.
  • CSE is Certified by theAPAas aCEU Provider to its membership.
  • "LVT and Community Planning for Impoverished Neighborhoods in Large Cities" College of Architecture and the Built Environment, Philadelphia University, Philadelphia, PA  
  • "Sprawl and the Law" University of Pittsburgh Law School, Pittsburgh, PA
  • "Tax Policy and Fiscal Incentives as complements to Planning in a Revenue-Scarce Environment" Land Use Planning Master's Program, Dept of City and Regional Planning, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA

CSE partnered with the Henry George School of Social Science in NYC to produce a series ofnine video seminars on the basic mechanics of implementing LVT. This series included tactics, implementation, real-world outcomes and political considerations.

Again, Thank You for bringing Henry George's remedy to the fruition!
Best regards, 
Joshua Vincent, President/CEO
Barbara G. Maloney, COO