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From larger economic forces shaping our world to practical application of land tax policies and collection of economic rent, this section contains presentations to explain and educate the public on forces that are often hard to connect and understand. 

Testimony March 1, 2013 Connecticut, In support of Proposed HB 5716 intended to provide flexibility in CT Municipal taxation.
Testimony May, 2, 2012Philadelphia, PA On the subject of FY2013 City Budget and Actual Value Initiative (AVI)
Testimony  June 28, 2011 Harrisburg, PA Commenting on the Act 47 Recovery Plan
Testimony  March 8, 2011 United States Senate Committee on Finance - Does the Tax System Support Economic Efficiency, Job Creation and Broad-Based Economic Growth? 
PA APA 2010 Conference Workshop LVT: A Financing Tool to aid Smart Growth - Joshua Vincent, Mark Speirs, and Rick Rybeck  

Executive Ed Dodson provides his Power Point primer on "Saving Communities" using current crises facing city and state governments. Mr. Dodson is a former board member and is a teacher at the Henry George School of Social Science in Philadelphia.